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Education Affiliates Turns to ADP to Streamline Payroll, HR, Time and Attendance and Recruiting Processes

After years of rapid growth and many acquisitions, Education Affiliates realized that having disparate HR and payroll systems in each of its more than 45 locations across the United States proved to be inefficient and costly. Having decentralized payroll and HR systems, made it difficult to standardize processes and have visibility into workforce data.

To solve for this, the company implemented ADP Vantage HCM®, an integrated cloud-based human capital management solution.

“Having our payroll, time and attendance, HR and recruiting information all on one easy-to-navigate platform, has been a game changer,” said Lydia Chodnicki, director of Payroll at Education Affiliates. “Prior to ADP®, everything was done on paper. Our time system wasn’t connected to our various payroll systems so importing and exporting payroll information would habitually cause problems. Since we’ve gotten rid of manual processes, I now can see and pull payroll data in real-time so I’m no longer putting out fires, but rather preventing them with relative ease.”

“Within the first year of partnering with ADP, we saved a couple hundred thousand dollars in various expenses and solving for inefficiencies,” added Steve Budosh, chief financial officer at Education Affiliates. “Our payroll and HR systems easily and immediately interface with our many insurance providers so I know that I’m getting bills, requests, or hire requisitions in real-time. I’m then able to respond immediately using my mobile device which has made mistakes and inefficiency a thing of the past. A job that would normally take days I can now do in seconds on my phone.”

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