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Dynamic Growth at Beeline: ADP Can Help

Beeline is a software company which offers end- to-end procurement of contingent labor in nearly 70 countries. Through a divestiture and two acquisitions over the past eight years, Beeline has grown from 170 employees to over 450 employees globally– a large-scale change with immense impact on the organization’s culture and HR structure.

With its second acquisition in December 2016, Beeline’s HR staff worked to onboard acquired employees, with only three months to manage the moving parts and processes of preparing for open enrollment and providing benefits options.

Accompanying these challenges was the strategic alignment of the HR department. Traci Kellner, executive vice president of Human Capital at Beeline, works hard to ensure that HR is visibly present, engaged and working with leadership to drive sustainable, organizational change. However, when the team is buried behind administrative tasks, processes, manual adjustments and more – it’s not possible to scale the way the department needs to.

To maintain the innovative spirit at the heart of its business, the HR team at Beeline knew they needed a partner to help provide support and expertise and to automate their processes and strategically plan for the challenges ahead for their growing company. They chose ADP Comprehensive Services to help them meet these challenges.

Says Traci, “We chose ADP as a vendor and a partner, not because it was convenient, but because they truly won our business through the offerings they provide. What surprised me the most about their unique Comprehensive Services offering was ADP’s ability to scale, not only with the HR technology itself, but with more relevant features and functionality around portal technology that appeals to a millennial workforce.”

Read the full story on how Beeline and ADP worked together to solve the challenges that come with dynamic growth.

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