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Tackling ACA Compliance Allows Barton Malow to Focus on Strategic Growth Initiatives

The Challenge

A Growing Company Deals with ACA Compliance

Like many in her position, Sarah Bertolini, total compensation manager for Barton Malow Company, struggled with the new compliance demands brought about by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Dealing with the ACA’s complex reporting requirements and knowing what to do, and when to do it, to mitigate compliance risks and penalties could easily have been an overwhelming full-time job, requiring regulatory expertise and hours that Bertolini and other in-house resources simply didn’t have.

Additionally, Barton Malow, a top-performing North American contractor that specializes in large-scale commercial construction, such as higher education, automotive and health care, had almost doubled its employee base in three years, making ACA compliance even more complicated.

Bertolini needed a proactive solution and expertise to help her manage ACA compliance, including determining offer of coverage eligibility and monitoring important regulatory changes that might affect her company, so she could focus on her everyday tasks and job responsibilities.

“ACA was just so overwhelming and constantly changing, as it still is today, and we just didn’t have the resources or the expertise to keep up with the latest changes and understand what we needed to know to complete the ACA annual reporting on IRS Forms 1094-C and 1095-C,” Bertolini said. “We were hoping for someone else to step in and be the expert who could help us.”

The Action

Enlisting ADP Eases ACA Compliance Burden

Barton Malow already had a relationship with ADP® to produce its Form W-2s, so after evaluating several other vendors to determine how they might help with ACA compliance, Barton Malow opted for ADP and its Health Compliance offering.

“We were very impressed with the people we met with at ADP and confident about their solution,” Bertolini said. “The fact that we already had our file feed set up made the decision easier – that issue wasn’t going to be a problem on top of everything else we had to deal with. Our benefits consultant at the time gave us very positive feedback on ADP from the ACA standpoint as well.”

Barton Malow’s in-house systems team worked with ADP to implement the new system, which was seamless and efficient from their point of view.

“I think the biggest piece of this was understanding our employee population and how we needed to transfer them over to the new system,” Bertolini said. “There was a lot of work around that but it went very smoothly and was easy to understand and easy to implement. And going forward, any updates we’ve had to make have been very well communicated.”

The Impact

Time to Focus on Strategic HR Initiatives

Barton Malow is not unique in running a lean HR department – a fact of life for many companies today. Having ADP to help shoulder the ACA compliance burden provides peace of mind and instills confidence that all requirements are being met and any changes to those requirements are being taken care of in the background. More than that, however, is the fact that Bertolini now has the time to focus on more strategic HR initiatives in a company that has grown considerably in the last few years.

“I have a day job and complying with ACA requirements was something that was thrown into our laps,” Bertolini said. “This easily could have been a full-time job if I didn’t have ADP’s help – in terms of ROI, that’s about $60k in annual salary saved. ADP made it very simple and their Health Compliance solution certainly gives me a lot of extra time to strategize and look at how we can enhance our employee experience during this growth period – how we can address employee needs and also become an employer of choice.”

Peace of mind and the ability to get a good night’s sleep are other benefits that Bertolini enjoys. She also appreciates the trust she has developed in her dedicated Account Manager, who is responsive to all her questions and provides her with up-to-date information whenever she needs it.

“Peace of mind, knowing that we’re in compliance and knowing that I am receiving proper guidance – that I don’t have to worry about doing my own research, reading one thing here and something different somewhere else and not knowing which is right – that may not be quantifiable in terms of dollars and cents, but that peace of mind is a big part of ADP Health Compliance for me,” Bertolini said.

About ADP SmartCompliance
ADP SmartCompliance is a cloud-based platform of outsourced services that integrates with many leading payroll, HR and financial systems to help you maintain HCM-related compliance, mitigate risk associated with noncompliance, improve efficiencies and drive operational growth. Its unified capabilities can help handle your health care, employment tax, tax credits, wage payments, employment verification, unemployment claims, W-2 management and wage garnishments needs. Your information is organized in one place to be concise and actionable.

Learn more here.

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