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Helping KIPP Houston Public Schools Spend More Time on What Matters

KIPP Houston Public Schools has a mission with a heart the size of Texas – to help underprivileged students get to and through college. With 28 schools in Houston alone, they currently staff over 1,700 employees, many of them teachers. To support these teachers and the rest of the KIPP staff is a team of 25 HR and payroll professionals, led by Chief Talent Officer, Chuck Fimble.

Together, the ADP team and KIPP team worked to identify and implement solutions for their struggles. They began enhancing and automating processes one by one, from payroll to benefits to time and labor.

To reduce the risk of errors regarding employee information, KIPP implemented the self-service feature within ADP Workforce Now®. Employees could now control and access their own information, which not only increased accuracy but reduced time and labor for the HR team.

Say Chuck Fimble, “At the end of the day, ADP allows us to focus on what really matters in our day-to-day lives. I don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about ADP – I know it’s there and that it’s going to work the way I need it to.”

Click here to discover how ADP helped KIPP Houston Public Schools create efficiencies to spend more of their resources on what matters most – their students.

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