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HRE Daily features ADP’s Ahu Yildirmaz: Thinking Like an Economist

HRE Daily wrote a recent article about incorporating analytics into hiring and HR practices, featuring Ahu Yildirmaz, Co-Head of the ADP Research Institute®.

According to workforce industry economists speaking at a session titled “The Real Economics of HR Technology: Using Big Data to Drive HR Decision Making” during the HR Tech Conference on October 11th, you don’t need to be a tech giant to incorporate analytics into your hiring and HR practices.

In fact, employers that aren’t using analytics to improve recruiting and other aspects of people management put themselves at a distinct disadvantage. A tight labor market that is intensifying competition for workers, technological innovation, the evolution of how work gets done and changing labor demographics make it imperative to plan for the future, and analytics are the best way to do that, economists said.

“CHROs have to think like economists, not just CHROs, but the entire C-suite should be using data to understand how best to allocate talent resources to optimize their workforce and increase margins,” said Yildirmaz, who produces ADP’s monthly employment reports and other research.

Read the full article at HRE Daily.

The ADP Research Institute facilitates discussions on topics that matter, join the ADP Research Institute LinkedIn group to get in on the conversation.

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