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Accounting Professionals and Their Small Business Clients Benefit from ADP and Wave Collaboration

We continue to see accounting firms expand their services to grow their practices beyond traditional accounting services and payroll. And, as they do that, they’re always on the lookout for tools and resources that can help them better manage the ever-widening scope of human resources (HR) and payroll challenges that their small business clients encounter.

That’s why we’ve decided to collaborate with Wave, a private cloud-based provider of financial software for small business that includes invoicing and free accounting. Together, we’re giving our clients and accounting professionals yet another way to more easily and efficiently process payroll and run their complete business financial life directly from their RUN Powered by ADP® dashboard.

Specifically, accountants will benefit because we’re adding to the tools they already use to help clients with these tasks. Not only can Wave complement other accounting and invoicing solutions, this collaboration between ADP® and Wave has several valuable elements. And it gives customers of RUN Powered by ADP and ADP® Accountant Connect a seamless, cohesive, and automated experience.

This collaboration is delivering real value to small business owners and their accountants in a few ways:

  • It helps simplify our clients’ lives through innovation. With the seamless integration of RUN and Wave, detailed payroll data flows instantly, effortlessly and accurately into the accounting records — no import required.
  • It enables small business owners – and the accountants who serve them – to get access to easy-to-use cloud-based tools to help manage all the financial aspects of their business payroll from ADP, and their invoicing, payments, and accounting from Wave via ADP. The business’s RUN dashboard becomes a one-stop solution for all the back-office tasks.
  • ADP clients tell us they love the ability to send invoices and accept credit card payments, via the Wave tools.
  • Best of all, this integration is seamless and unique in the market.

Specifically, accountants will benefit because:

  • It may help accountants tap into new clients. Wave signs up approximately 70,000 new small businesses per month, most of which are new businesses that may not have enlisted the services of an accounting professional.
  • Wave is designed for small businesses (fewer than 10 employees), including “Schedule C” businesses; the typical “shoebox” customer. By making free and easy-to-use accounting software available, Wave can make it easier for accountants by minimizing additional work involved in managing these shoebox customers, so accountants can focus on providing better value.
  • With Wave’s real-time online collaboration capabilities, accounting professionals can offer the services that are right for the client and for their practice, ranging from low-touch year-end tax prep to high-touch day-to-day bookkeeping. Wave services can be provided from anywhere in the world, to clients anywhere in the world.

ADP has the privilege of working with more than 500,000 small businesses every day. Their stories inspire us to continuously find ways to make their lives easier – through innovation, partnerships and our product and service offerings. We also have a robust accounting professional community that relies on our solutions to help them help small business clients.

Wave’s mission is much like ADP’s: To make small businesses’ lives’ easier and save them time and money, freeing them to run their businesses with solution designed specifically for them in their own language.

We’re delighted to work with Wave to improve and simplify small business accounting, invoicing, and more. We’re building the best tools for small business owners to take better control of their finances, and want to get those tools into the hands of as many small business owners and accountants as possible.

To learn more about how ADP and Wave can help your business, take a look at this video.

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