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Benchmarking Leaps Forward with Vastly Deeper Job and Industry Insights Plus Smarter Job Matching in Next Generation of ADP DataCloud

Looking to hire a graphic designer but unsure what their total compensation should look like? How do you know if your overtime costs are too high for your machinists? Are your turnover rates comparable to similar businesses in your industry? HR decision-makers used to be in the dark about how their business stacked up against others, until 2015 when ADP® introduced Benchmarking, powered by ADP® DataCloud.

The ADP DataCloud benchmarking tool is an industry leader, allowing HR professionals and business leaders to compare their organizations’ metrics to accurate benchmarks from other companies in four areas: compensation, workforce change, workforce demographics, and time and attendance. Since its launch, the innovative Human Capital Management tool is now in place with over 1,500 ADP clients. Now, with the next generation of ADP DataCloud comes even more powerful benchmarking, which can deliver the most specific, accurate, and “decision-quality” insights yet.

To learn more about the updates that are now live click here!

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