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ADP Takes Home ‘Top HR Products’ Award For Record-Breaking Third Straight Year with Compass

It’s no secret that great leadership is key to business success. But oftentimes, leadership development tools only provide employees with feedback which is not enough to drive change: They need action plans. With this in mind, ADP® created CompassSM, a next-generation 360 growth tool designed to boost employees’ leadership and collaboration behaviors.

Compass was designed for leaders and teams to quickly identify unproductive and derailing behaviors and treat them via feedback and personalized, automated coaching. This talent activation solution is extremely easy to implement and use with no disruption to business. It requires no software to install, no integration, no training, no sign up, and no sign in. It puts tools into the employees’ hands and is built for how humans want to use technology.

As a result, the solution has demonstrated quantifiable improvement in leadership behaviors that were identified and coached by Compass in a three month period. Further, the assessment requires only minutes of time investment from each leader or collaborator.

The solution recently earned the attention of Human Resource Executive magazine, which named Compass one of its “2017 Top HR Products.”

Human Resource Executive has been evaluating HR products and conducting this competition for 29 years,” explained David Shadovitz, editor of Human Resource Executive. “Our goal has always been to identify products and services that clearly offer value to the HR community while demonstrating innovation. It’s rare to recognize the same company three years in a row, a testament to the way ADP is driving innovation to solve key issues for the HR community.”

“We’re honored to receive this recognition from Human Resource Executive,” said Jerome Gouvernel, vice president & general manager of ADP Ventures. “Our goal is to help humans by building products that provide the kind of feedback and coaching that people need and actually want to use. By taking a holistic approach to leadership theory, a scientific approach to validation, and a design thinking approach to product design, we believe Compass represents the next generation of leadership development, which can foster noticeable improvements for leaders, their teams, and their organizations.”

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