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SiliconAngle: ADP discovers development benefits of combining virtualization with cloud ‘bursts’

A recent article on discusses that agility means more than just speed. It also comes down to flexibility. The cloud provides that flexibility to companies by offering services on demand, and when a company needs more storage or compute, it’s there. When they don’t, those things go away. Combining virtualized infrastructure with the cloud creates an entirely new way of developing information technology products.

Juan Gaviria, senior director of technical systems engineering at ADP spoke with host Stu Miniman and guest host Justin Warren of theCUBE, SiliconANGLE’s mobile livestreaming studio, during the VMworld conference in Las Vegas. They discussed how ADP uses the cloud and the company’s development environment.

Gaviria explains that customers are turning to smartphones and other mobile devices, and because of this, ADP has refocused on mobile-first technologies. This kind of demand calls for new technologies.

Watch the complete video interview here.

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  1. This was a great interview and an equally great view inside some of the technology moves that big companies are being made in today’s markets.

    ADP has been around for many years and the technology that it’s leaders utilize daily is incredible, and Juan’s matter-of-fact candidness toward this recent direction of ADP technology is refreshing.

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