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Duininck Companies: Unifying HR Administration on a Single Platform with ADP Workforce Now®

Duininck Companies is a 90-year-old, family-owned business comprised of a number of industries, from paving and construction to golf courses, resorts, pipe manufacturing and food manufacturing.

Connie Stahnke, vice president of HR at Duininck Companies, joined Duininck in 2015 in a newly created role with a mandate to bring all of the companies together on a single platform, which she was able to do using all of the capabilities of ADP Workforce Now.

“Having a common platform is a fantastic benefit because it saves me a tremendous amount of time,” Stahnke said. “In my role, I need the common platform to roll up data when I need to present information to the ownership group and to help me with developing strategies for where Duininck Companies is headed. A common platform provides the ability to access data quickly and easily, so we can rapidly respond to changes in the market, and not get left behind.”

Read Duininck’s full story here and see how the ADP Workforce Now single-platform solution saves money and provides access to data across all entities for reporting purposes.

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