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ADP Byline on Employee Benefits Advisor: Easing Concerns of ‘Unbanked’ Employees

Employee Benefit Adviser has posted a byline article from ADP SME Aldor H. Delp titled, “Easing Concerns of Unbanked Employees,” which explores the challenges to HR and payroll leaders to accommodate the needs of unbanked and underbanked employees.

In this article, Delp points out that nearly 16 million consumers in the U.S. are “unbanked,” which means no one in the household where they live has a checking or savings account, according to a recent Forbes article. Add to that, there are more than 50 million U.S. adults, according to Forbes, who are considered “underbanked” because banking services may be complex, expensive, or difficult to access for them, or a bank account may be too expensive to open.

Benefits and payroll leaders trying to accommodate the needs of these employees can experience a real challenge. One solution is a payroll card, which can provide a tremendous amount of flexibility to unbanked and underbanked employees and help employers more efficiently and securely pay them.

Keep reading the article on EBA to find out the 8 ways payroll cards work.

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