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The Treatment Center: Returning to ADP® Comprehensive Services Results in Time and Money Saved

The Treatment Center and the Adolescent Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches is a substance abuse and mental health facility that helps patients on the road to lifelong recovery from addiction. They started with ADP in 2011 but left ADP for a competitor in 2015. Four months later, they returned to ADP and implemented ADP® Comprehensive Services.

Sandra Rose, Human Resources Director explained that one of the reasons why she came back to ADP was because she wasn’t able to manipulate data in the competitor’s system to get the reports she needed quickly. When she returned, Sandra discovered that the ADP Comprehensive Services offering had been enhanced and now offered even more information and more standard reporting, leading to greater efficiencies for her staff and the Center as a whole. ADP’s systems were much more user friendly, with “real-time” and customizable reporting and Sandra was impressed with the attentiveness of ADP’s dedicated HR team and Relationship Manager.

Read the full story to learn how The Treatment Center saved significantly on overtime costs and streamlined their hiring process.

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