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It’s National Payroll Week: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

With National Payroll Week, the American Payroll Association (APA) annually celebrates the relationship between workers, businesses and payroll professionals. Paying workers is a big deal: Through the payroll withholding system, employees, employers and payroll services contribute, collect, report and deposit about $2.2 trillion, or 67 percent, of the annual revenue of the U.S. Treasury, according to the APA.

To observe this special week, we’ve recently published some helpful articles on our complementary ADP blogs – Thrive, Spark and Boost. Whether you are a small business or a large global organization, these articles will help you navigate a variety of issues surrounding payroll processing and make an often challenging process easier on your end.

Payroll 101: The 6 Payroll Taxes Employers Need to Cover: When you hire employees, you need to pay several taxes on their behalf. Keeping track of all the employer-paid taxes for payroll isn’t easy, and you might not realize you’ve missed one until you get hit with a government penalty.

Payroll Card Programs: The Revolution of Convenience: It’s prudent to evaluate your programs annually to stay abreast of industry trends and innovations that could provide further benefits to your employees. Assessing and maintaining high quality payroll card programs is one way to help keep your workforce engaged and productive.

How to Navigate Payroll Tax Filing as Your Business Expands: Payroll compliance across jurisdictions is just one part of your complex business world. But when you can effectively navigate this complexity, your business can be in a better position to grow.

Why Global Payroll Compliance Matters: Of the many activities that organizations engage in, the payroll process is one of the few corporate activities with a straightforward goal — pay employees accurately and on time. Yet, differences in labor and tax laws among countries, states and cities make global payroll complex and challenging.

Visit ADP Payroll for more information on payroll processing.

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