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City of Waycross: All-in-One Solution and Data Analytics from ADP Solve Efficiency Issues  

The city of Waycross, located in Ware County, Georgia, employs approximately 205 employees across many diverse departments, including public safety, engineering, public works and even a local television station. As a governmental unit, the city needs to be cost efficient in the way in which it operates and stays compliant with applicable federal, state and local regulation.

Trinija Martin, Director of HR & Risk Management and Public Information Officer for the City of Waycross started working with the city in 2015 and found that the systems in place at the time were limited and outdated, requiring plenty of manual processes to complete routine tasks.

Of all the prospective partners that Martin looked at, ADP impressed her the most. “ADP was the only company at that time that had a single-source solution that wasn’t backed by any other solution,” Martin said. “It truly was a total ADP solution. Some of the other vendors that I looked at partnered with ADP to deliver what I wanted, but they were still separate companies and separate systems.”

Read the full story to see how Waycross freed up time for strategic pursuits with ADP Workforce Now®.

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