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Enterprise Times Covers ADP Alliance With The Hackett Group

ADP and The Hackett Group have announced a strengthening of their partnership around HCM. The announcement shares how new clients of ADP Workforce Now are given access to some of The Hackett Group’s knowledge base. This includes benchmarking tools, metrics, best practices, research and performance studies. ADP Workforce Now is aimed at companies of between 150 and 999 employees. The agreement extends the current relationship with The Hackett Group to offer best practice consultancy services to customers of ADP Vantage HCM.

Harry Osle, The Hackett Group Global HR Advisory Practice leader commented: “Our research has proven that technology is only one part of achieving world-class HR performance. It takes a balanced focus on people, processes, technology and information to achieve world-class performance. This expanded alliance will enable new ADP Workforce Now clients to begin their implementation efforts with a clear understanding of where their greatest opportunities for improvement are, and how they can address them. It will also provide this unique insight to the ADP implementation team, allowing them to set up and configure the software consistent with customer priorities and Hackett Best Practice references.”

For more, check out the full Enterprise Times article here.

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