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A Welcome Return to ADP Eases Compliance, HR Burdens for Epitec

Back in the early 2000s, Epitec, the national IT engineering and professional staffing firm based in Detroit, decided to part ways with ADP. Epitec was in the midst of a growth spurt and was seeking a payroll solution that could integrate with its expanding employee benefits platform.

When we went to other competitors from a payroll standpoint, they were not able to deliver on the integration,” said Mark Ruma, the company’s chief architect of growth (and chief operating officer). “They weren’t able to deliver on the integration within their own system or the integration with our system. With the other payroll companies, it was not flawless. It was flawed.”

So Epitec took another look at ADP.

“The exciting part was that we could keep our custom software and integrate it with ADP’s payroll and it was all seamless,” Ruma said. “Because ADP has a system that is fully integrated with ours, the reporting has been an invaluable feature.”

Read Epitec’s full story about their happy return to ADP.

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  1. Although my ADP experience has been different, I’m glad it’s worked for them. Also , i didn’t realize Epitec was in Detroit. That’s great!

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