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Forbes interview: Stuart Sackman Re-Thinks Innovation As The Head Of Product And Technology At ADP

Forbes published an interview with ADP’s Stuart Sackman, CVP, Global Product and Technology, discussing the evolution of the company’s products and the methods of delivering them to an increasingly technology savvy customer base.

Says Sackman, “Our Research and Development team has gone through an agile transformation that allows us to keep up with the pace of technology, surpass competitors, and deliver solutions more quickly. We integrated R&D with Infrastructure to minimize the baton toss that happens in other companies.”

Sackman also discusses Lifion, the innovation lab in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, 15 miles east of the company’s Roseland, New Jersey headquarters. Sackman explains the rationale behind the branding of the division, the advantages of its geography, its path forward, and a variety of other topics in this interview.

Visit Forbes to read the full interview here.

Or, listen to the unabridged audio version of the interview.

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