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Agemark Improves Data Accuracy and Decision Making with an Integrated Solution from ADP®

Originally founded in 1987 as a renovator of historic buildings for reuse, Agemark quickly re-focused both its vision and its mission – to develop exceptional communities that focus on making a positive difference in the lives of seniors and their families. Today the company builds new construction to house its growing portfolio of senior-assisted living communities, with 700 employees working in more than a dozen senior living communities in six U.S. states.

As Agemark grew, disparate business software solutions became part of the company’s landscape. While each function – payroll, human resources, finance and accounting – had the software it needed, management had a “must-have” of its own – access to integrated data across all functions that would help maximize informed decision making.

Agemark made a strategic decision to implement a solution combining ADP Workforce Now® and Intacct – a leading provider of best-in-class cloud ERP software to improve data visibility and quickly transform data into useful information.

Says Alicia Summers, assistant controller at Agemark, “having the data integrate directly into ADP gives us those ‘live’ numbers more quickly and accurately, so we’re able to make decisions on hiring staff.”

To read the full story on how integration lead to great things at Agemark, click here.

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