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Four Ways To Check the Pulse Of A Workforce

Most employers, and their advisers, probably wish they could peek into the minds of employees to understand what workers are thinking, gain perspective on day-to-day frustrations and use that information to help make employees’ lives easier.

These vital insights can inform an employer’s ability to help employees feel more empowered, do great work, feel secure and supported in their organizational roles and to build a better company culture.

Taking the pulse of a workforce shouldn’t be a guessing game. An informal process of ‘throwing ideas against the wall to see what sticks’ wastes time, wastes resources and only serves to frustrate employees. There are better ways to understand what makes employees tick.

A good place to start is seeing work from their point of view. A recent ADP study, Fixing the Talent Management Disconnect, shows that there is a gap between how employers and employees 72% of employers believe performance reviews are an important milestone for career development, only 54% of employees agree. Further, only 15% of employees say they have defined development goals, despite a majority who are looking for growth within their current companies.

To read more, check out this byline article by ADP’s Aldor H. Delp in Employee Benefit Adviser.

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