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CDI and ADP® Solidify a Strategic Partnership with a Talent Sourcing Solution to Simplify Hiring and Onboarding

Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI), one of the nation’s largest provider networks for diagnostic imaging, interventional radiology, and mobile imaging services, serves more than one million patients a year, in 45 states. As an organization, CDI needs to manage the employees and HR functions that care for this patient population, a monumental task that requires a strong business partner who can handle the complexity of multi-state payroll administration and compliance.

When CDI merged with another company in 2012, their current partner ADP® found itself vying with a competitive payroll provider, which the other company had been using. Impressed with what ADP was willing to offer in terms of product, pricing, service, and support, CDI chose to remain with ADP.

Jessica Larson, senior vice president of HR at CDI says, “ADP has kept our business because they work as a strategic partner with me and are concerned about where we’re going as a company and making sure that we have what we need as we grow.”

Read the full story to learn how CDI strengthened its hiring, onboarding and talent sourcing capabilities through a strategic partnership with ADP Workforce Now®.

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