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Sika Thrives through a Rapid Growth Spurt

Sika North America likes to grow – quickly. In the past five years alone, it took on the payrolls for seven acquisitions, expanding its workforce from 868 to approximately 1,500. With workers spread across 45 states, keeping pace with payroll changes is a challenge.

Lisa Panagos, Payroll Manager at Sika North America, has one direct report to help her process three weekly and four semi-monthly multistate payrolls, which include union and nonunion employees.

“We grow by acquisition. It’s been a very reliable, successful strategy,” says Panagos, “but because of that, we don’t grow it slowly. It’s more like leaps and bounds. And because we grow by acquisition, our payroll complexity can change in unforeseen ways.”

As Sika North America’s payroll complexity increased, Panagos says her department required a more robust solution. As a result, Sika migrated to ADP Workforce Now® to meet their more complex needs for payroll, time and labor management and paid time off (PTO).

To read more about how Sika flourished during their growth spurt, click here.

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