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SHRM Features Stuart Sackman Discussing ADP’s Artificial Intelligence Initiative

According to a new article by SHRM, “Rather than having to navigate websites, send e-mails or make phone calls—and often wait for responses—employees can use these artificial intelligence (AI) tools to get quick, voice- or text-delivered answers to questions about paid time off, benefits eligibility, retirement savings, work schedules, and even career planning or performance coaching. For organizations, these “virtual agents” can reduce labor costs, enhance customer service and free up HR staff for strategic initiatives.”

ADP’s Stuart Sackman, Corporate Vice President of Global Product and Technology highlights ADP’s Artificial Intelligence Initiative by explaining, “The next generation of HCM [human capital management] solutions is moving from graphical user interfaces to conversational user interfaces. Instead of employees having to navigate online text menus and fill out forms, many functions will be voice-generated by AI.”

He explains further, “The ADP virtual agent will be powered by AI that learns employees’ patterns of behavior and predicts what information or experiences will make them more productive, efficient and engaged.”

To learn more about the growing AI movement in HR, read the full article here: Artificial Intelligence Can Free HR Professionals to Focus on Strategy.

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