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Success Stories: From Competitive Barista to Proprietor – ALL DAY Owner Camila Ramos Uses ADP Solutions to Keep Pace with the Daily Grind

How do you transform coffee and eggs – perhaps the two most commoditized food items in the restaurant industry – into a premium experience for patrons? Ask Camila Ramos, proprietor of ALL DAY, a coffee shop and breakfast restaurant in the Park West neighborhood of Miami. For the past 10 years, Ramos has worked tirelessly to first build a reputation and now a following for her Miami café in the highly competitive industry of specialty coffee.

In the past year, Ramos has taken ADP® on the latest, most challenging leg of her journey – the day-to-day workforce and payroll management of between 16 to 18 employees. Ramos uses RUN Powered by ADP® , a cloud-based payroll, tax and human resources solution for small businesses.

Implementing RUN Powered by ADP a year ago proved to be a turning point for Ramos’s business.

“ADP offers a depth and breadth of experience that’s very valuable to me and my business,” said Ramos. “It’s also very affordable for a small business that’s just getting started, especially one with less than 20 employees, like mine. I feel that my business benefits from the scale of ADP. It makes my business more efficient and allows me to focus on the work at hand, and not on payroll issues.”

That level of confidence wasn’t always the case for Ramos as she navigated the stressful landscape of managing employee expectations while she tried to build her business.

“Our previous payroll provider was simply horrendous,” Ramos describes. “Every pay period something would go wrong. There would be payroll inaccuracies, paychecks would be delayed, and our quarterly taxes would be calculated incorrectly. They didn’t have a customer service number for me to call to try to resolve these issues and employees, understandably, were getting very upset with the payroll process.

“When, I switched to ADP,” she continued, “there were far fewer mistakes. And the ones that occurred were MY mistakes. But I was always able to contact a customer service representative to help me untangle them.”

Personally, for Ramos, there was a lot at stake. She’d invested nearly 10 years of study, apprenticeship and countless hours of hard work into reaching the point where she could launch her own establishment. Failure was not an option.

She first entered the world of specialty coffee in 2008 when it was an emerging industry. She spent a few years managing a local coffee shop in college, and went on to manage a restaurant. During those years, she decided she was best suited to a career in hospitality, but one that specialized in coffee.

“The attention to detail was fascinating and I was really impressed and intrigued with this world that revolves around coffee,” she explained. “I moved back to Miami and no restaurant or café here offered specialty coffee. Then, a roaster opened and I began working as a barista because I was one of only a few people in the city who knew how to prepare specialty coffees. I was able to progress as an educator and manager. The owner of the roaster kept increasing my responsibilities to the point where I wrote all their manuals for the baristas; developed their programs for trainers; trained the trainers; and oversaw a few stores.

“On top of that, during this time, I was a competitive barista,” Ramos explained. “I’d wake up at 3 a.m. and build a presentation to compete in the United States Barista Championship conducted each year at coffee conventions throughout the United States. I eventually won the Southeast Region competition and then achieved fifth place in the U.S. championship.”

These achievements gleaned Ramos a tremendous amount of recognition in her industry, which led to connections with coffee and equipment suppliers, and entrée into the growing barista community. By 2015, she realized she’d given everything she could to someone else’s vision. It was time to realize her own dream and bring something new to Miami culture.

Now, she oversees the daily responsibilities of ALL DAY, which is housed in a refurbished four-story building from the 1920s, a few blocks from Museum Park along the coast. In the 14 months since it opened its doors, her café has earned recognition from and The New York Times® (Ramos’s creation is one of two cold brew recipes on the Times’ website.), culminating in being named the 2017 #1 Coffee Shop in Miami by the Miami News Times.

She now confidently and quickly processes payroll and taxes for her staff, appreciating the convenience and efficiencies she gains by using ADP. In fact, she has a laundry list of things she likes about the solutions.

“I like that I can process payroll up to 5 p.m. on the night before it’s paid out,” she begins. “I really like that if something goes wrong, ADP has a paycheck calculator that helps me correct any inaccuracies. The solution also lets me cut a paper check and accurately take out taxes.

“It’s very easy to add direct deposit and offer that feature to my employees,” she continued. “We also have some employees who don’t have bank accounts, but I can still issue them a paper check. This feature is a big hit with them. Our previous provider only offered direct deposit and some employees who did not have bank accounts resented being forced to open one when they didn’t want one.”

Ramos’s list goes on:

“One of my favorite features is being able to easily accommodate when an employee asks for an advance,” she said. “For instance, an employee needed a new phone, so we lent him the funds to buy it. I was able to easily deduct from his pay the total amount he owed and help him pay it back in small portions over time. The ADP solution helps me manage that accurately and fairly.”

Another favorite feature is the email alerts about compliance regulations that may be changing.

“This is a very important feature for my business,” said Ramos. “I’m very concerned about keeping current with the legal aspects of running a restaurant. This feature also makes me curious about additional solutions ADP offers that could be equally as helpful.”

Finally, RUN Powered by ADP helps Ramos keep track of the status of her staff. Given the transient nature of the restaurant business as servers and chefs come and go, this is an especially valuable feature for her.

“It’s tremendously helpful to me that if an employee leaves us or is terminated, I can put that exact date into the system and keep track of when to stop paying them and when to remove them from our ‘active’ list of employees,” Ramos explained. “Our previous payroll provider didn’t differentiate between active and inactive employees. It was very time-consuming to make sure we were paying only active employees.”

ALL DAY employees appreciate the convenience and efficiency of RUN Powered by ADP as well.

“My employees love that they can access their payroll information via the ADP Mobile Solutions App,” said Ramos. “If they have a question, we can view their paystub together and discuss it. Employees have noticed that the payroll solution is expediting pay for them. They’re all happy and I think they appreciate that we have a service that is accurate and timely.”

With a successful year under her belt, Ramos continues to look to the future.

“As we continue to expand, I know ADP will be there for us,” she said. “ADP has a great selection of solutions that will be very helpful to us as we continue to grow and have to manage more human resources issues.”

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