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AccountingWEB Features ADP Suggestions for Talent-Starved Accounting Firms

AccountingWEB has published a byline by Ahu Yildirmaz, co-head of the ADP Research Institute, titled “3 Ways Accounting Firms Can Address the ‘Me’ Versus ‘We’ Mindset,” which explores the impact to accounting firms of a growing talent gap and provides ways they can address this workforce challenge.

“The study showed that employers think that only 21 percent of employees are passively looking for another position when, in fact, 42 percent of employees are looking for opportunities elsewhere. These statistics spotlight a growing disconnect between employer perception and employee reality in the workplace, which is contributing to an already startling talent drain…We call this employee-employer friction the “me” versus “we” mindset…It means employers need to recognize that attracting and retaining talent is getting harder due to an abundance of opportunity for accounting professionals.”

Read the entire article at AccountingWEB.

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