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Employee Development Matters! ADP Wins 2017 Skillsoft Channel Partner of the Year Innovation Award for its Focus on Training for Clients

By Kathy Ross, Senior Vice President of ADP Comprehensive Outsourcing Services

Training and development can sometimes fall to the end of the list when it comes to tackling human resources (HR) priorities. This is true even though most HR leaders know that providing training and development opportunities can drive significant business results, help to spur company growth, reduce employee turnover, and provide a competitive advantage.

ADP® is changing all that by providing its clients access to the ADP Comprehensive Learning program, which features a robust array of training materials from Skillsoft®, a global leader in eLearning. And its efforts have not gone unnoticed.

The success of the ADP solution has earned the company the 2017 Skillsoft Channel Partner of the Year Innovation Award, which recognizes the partner company that has “developed and marketed a unique and innovative reseller solution to drive business results.”

Announced at Skillsoft’s annual user conference, 2017 Skillsoft Perspectives, these awards recognize Skillsoft customers and partners for their success, innovation, and expertise in learning and development, talent, and workforce management. Award candidates were judged by an independent panel of thought leaders, including industry analysts and subject-matter experts from Skillsoft.

ADP is proud to be recognized by Skillsoft.

We believe in the value of organizational learning and know that it can support talent management. And we’ve seen first-hand how effective it can be to link learning to competencies, performance objectives, business objectives, and organizational goals. Whether it’s creating specialized curricula for new hires or seasoned professionals, providing employees with a wide range of flexible learning assets can help them gain new skills and refine their knowledge throughout their careers.

ADP Comprehensive Learning is a web-based learning management system that allows businesses and their employees to access, track, and report on training. Employees have access to more than 650 motivational, instructional, and developmental videos on topics such as communications, customer service, leadership, management, team building, and more. They also have access to courseware and demonstration videos covering popular software programs. In addition to these resources, clients and their employees have access to compliance courseware, printable job aids, and safety and health material.

Learn more about the ADP Comprehensive Learning program here.

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