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Veterans: A Talent Pool That is Critical to the Sustained Growth of Our Economy

By Tom Hiebert, Senior Director, Veterans Initiatives

At ADP, we believe that the concept of employability is a critical social and business imperative. It means helping people access the skills and opportunities they need to succeed in the workforce. But this isn’t just a feel-good initiative – it addresses a real business need. As the U.S. labor market continues towards full employment, with more than 15 million jobs added in the past seven years, employers are now in a position where they have to attract and retain new sources of talent with the skills they need.

As our CEO, Carlos Rodriguez, recently stated in the Business RoundtableSM 2017 Sustainability Report, “One source of great talent in this tightening labor market is our Veteran community. Our Veterans are incredibly resilient and possess great leadership, management, and innovative problem-solving skills that businesses today need to succeed.”

ADP has created a mission of our own, to give Veterans and their spouses the employment opportunities they deserve. To help with this, we strive to create an inclusive environment for Veterans as they transition back into civilian life and beyond. As a Veteran myself, I can say that two of our initiatives are particularly powerful: we train our recruiting professionals to translate Veterans’ unique skillsets to match our business needs and have established mentoring circles for Veterans at many of our office locations to foster engagement.

These are just a few of the initiatives we have in place to help us meet our goal to more than double the number of Veterans employed at ADP by 2020. To learn more about why Veterans are important to ADP, check out the ADP Veterans career page.

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  1. I would be interested to hear how HR managers are working with Veterans who may not possess specific “desk job” skills that may be required for a particular role. Many veterans come back and feel that they only have manual labor skills and regardless of their education, may not be able to find a job due to lack of corporate experience.

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