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ADP’s Roland Cloutier Shares Tips to Leverage Security to Grow the Business

Dark Reading, a publication focused on trends in cyber security, recently interviewed ADP’s Chief Security Officer Roland Cloutier. The article titled, “ADP CISO Offers Tips to Leverage Security to Grow the Business,” highlights why organizations must shift their perception of security from being just part of IT to being part of the company’s digital go-to-market strategy and sales approach.

“Some of the steps Cloutier took included having senior-level practitioners placed in a group called the client security management officers (CSMOs), whose full-time job focused on quickly and accurately answering security questions raised by customers and potential clients about ADP’s protection of their data and funds.”

“Why that is important is because this is not sales people answering security questionnaires, nor is it people in marketing. It’s a group of people who have access to the entire portfolio of our security program and can translate that to clients, give clients reports on our critical response center and be on the front end of sales opportunities with answers to security upfront,” Cloutier says

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  1. Great insight while Security is Everyone’s job despite a title – point of contact SME teams are appropritae and best trained / prepared – client security management officers (CSMOs) delivering results rather than clients dealing with many hops equals delivering World Class Service!

    Discussion Point – regaring the article …Agree and Notewothy …Security engineers engaged and are now embedded into the development team…The software development life cycle, or SDLC, encompasses all of the steps that an organization follows when it develops software tools or applications. Organizations that incorporate security in the SDLC benefit from products and applications that are secure by design. Those that fail to involve information security in the life cycle pay the price in the form of costly and disruptive events.

    Security needs to be a priority in all phases of software development …aimed at software vulnerabilities therefore detecting them before release – reducing products attack surface – despite the Security checkpoints – several / many layers implemented ……developing code with Security is a key first step via mandate –

    Note ISC Training Guide David Shearer CISSP –

    Thank you for sharing – much to learn …path foward

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