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And the Winner Is… ADP Retirement Services Earns Prestigious 2017 Eddy Award for Delivering Top-Notch Employee Education Programs

Educating employees about financial wellness is a top priority for many of today’s human resources leaders. With so many workers concerned about retirement security, employers have a clear opportunity to step in and help. Whether it’s enabling employees to save more for retirement or learn about budgeting, financial education can potentially serve as another popular perk among a growing list of benefits that are helping companies attract and retain top talent.

ADP Retirement Services is helping employers address this challenge through ongoing education programs. These initiatives offer clients tools and information that may help their employees better manage their finances and grow more confident in their financial futures.

These efforts have earned ADP prestigious industry recognition from leading institutional investment publication Pensions & Investments® (P&I), which recently honored ADP Retirement Services with its 2017 Eddy Award for Ongoing Investment Education. Winners were announced at P&I’s annual East Coast Defined Contribution Conference in Miami, Fla. A list of award winners also can be found on the P&I website.

The Eddy Awards® is an annual recognition from Pensions & Investments that acknowledges best practices by companies that offer defined contribution plans providing investment education to participants. It recognizes accomplishments in seven categories: Automatic re-enrollment, conversions, ongoing investment education, plan transitions, retirement health care savings, retirement preparation and special projects.

ADP client GECOM Corp., a manufacturer of door-locking mechanisms for the automotive industry in Greensburg, Ind., values its ADP Retirement Services education program.

“We are very pleased with the way participant marketing materials provided by ADP Retirement Services are presented to our associates,” said Sharon Howard, benefits administrator at GECOM Corp., a manufacturer of door-locking mechanisms for the automotive industry in Greensburg, Ind. “The information is well designed and integrates well with the education program provided by our retirement representative. The ease in offering and understanding the information is a great asset to our workforce.”

We’re especially proud of this recognition.

At a time when retaining employees is crucial, it’s important to create a support system for those employees as they plan their financial futures. Providing retirement plan solutions continues to be a core competency of ADP as the firm has grown to be a global leader in human capital management. We’re delighted Pensions & Investments has chosen to acknowledge our continuing efforts to educate and inform our clients and their employees.

ADP’s education program is designed to make it easy for participants to get answers about their retirement plans, to provide tools that educate about financial wellness, and to keep workers engaged. Elements of the program include:

  • An email campaign designed to prompt participants to assess their elected deferral rates to save for retirement.
  • Information about the ADP Retirement Services mobile platform, which is integrated with the ADP Mobile Solution app. Participants can access their retirement savings accounts via their mobile device to view balances, increase contributions, and change fund offerings. The ADP Mobile Solution app is used by more than 10 million individual employees across 175 countries, supporting an average of 1,000 HR transactions per second.
  • Information about the ADP Retirement Services portal website, which is available to anyone whether or not they are an ADP client.
  • A series of educational, online videos to inform participants about the benefits associated with their retirement savings plan.
  • A video featuring plan participants who recount their positive experiences with their 401(k) plans.

More information about ADP Retirement Services can be found at the ADP website.

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