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Partnering with a more human resource

ADP Blogs: Another More Human Resource

by Andy Hilton, VP Communications, Content and Brand

We spent the last year creating and building our ADP blogs, publishing new articles every day. With hundreds of posts, the blogs are becoming a great resource to learn about the problems organizations are trying to solve and the upcoming issues they want to understand.

The point of our blogs is to become a reliable resource for anyone wanting to explore what is going on with business, people, technology, and work. We hope to start a bigger conversation and connect with people in ways that are more about you and less about us.

Here is a little about each of ADP’s blogs.

Thrive is for small to medium sized business owners.

Thrive focuses on practical information and advice for managing people, maximizing profits, handling operations, marketing and sales, protecting your business, and overall business strategies. Recent articles discuss the right time to launch a business, whether to move to a new location, and how getting involved in your community can also benefit your bottom line.

Spark is for HR professionals.

Spark offers help and information for organizations big enough to have HR departments. It addresses the issues that come with having more employees, in more places, sometimes all over the world. The articles cover people, change, risk and trends. Spark just published a great series on HR trends of 2017 with posts on benefits, FMLA, ACA, employee wellness, workplace flexibility, job growth patterns, how to hire top performers, and top innovation trends for the coming year. We are also excited about our new Humans of HR series, where HR professionals tell their stories and offer wisdom, insight, and the benefit of their, sometimes colorful, experiences.

Boost is for CFOs and finance leaders.

Boost helps finance leaders navigate compliance, performance, and the evolving role of the finance department in organizational strategy and operations. Current posts discuss fair pay, changes in compensation compliance requirements, and whether financial incentives actually motivate employees.

Connect@ADP is for people interested in ADP.

Connect@ADP has insights for all the people who use ADP as well as anyone who wants to learn more about what we do, how we do it, and our plans to keep doing it better. You are reading this on Connect@ADP right now. We cover the challenges ADP products address, what we are up to, and current trends in technology. We also celebrate our success: Fortune Magazine recently named ADP one of the “World’s Most Admired Companies” for the eleventh time.

We are off to a great start with our blogs and hope to earn your time, attention, and trust. You can subscribe to any of our blogs here, and we will send you a monthly newsletter highlighting some of our best articles.

We continue talk with our clients, track and measure our progress, develop new ideas, and find better ways to connect with our readers. Our blogs are another way ADP aims to be your more human resource.

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