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Paper or Plastic? Explore Key Insights to Help Drive Electronic Payroll Adoption

Paperless payroll is on the rise. But many companies may still lag in adopting an electronic payroll process. As a result, companies may be losing the benefits of increased cost-savings and added payroll flexibility that an ever-changing workforce is seeking.

Join our event February 23rd with other HR leaders, finance leaders and business owners like yourself and get key insights into how electronic payroll processing can benefit you and your employees, and how this trend is evolving.

The webcast will provide valuable tips and best practices on how businesses can adopt an electronic payroll process. It also will explore how trends – such as the impact of a growing Millennial workforce and ever-changing state and federal compliance mandates – may affect the future of wage payments.

This webcast will help attendees learn:

  • How to adopt and implement an electronic payroll strategy.
  • How it may benefit a company and its employees.
  • How a changing workforce and their preferences for pay impacts the payroll options you offer.
  • How to anticipate and address prevailing state and federal compliance mandates associated with electronic payroll processing.

The webcast will be recorded and a replay link will be sent to all registrants.

Join us today!

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  1. Hello how are you my name is Richard easterling I am a ADP card holder and I am trying to set my account up with another car debit card what NetSpend so could you give me the information what I would need to do so I can get this underway

  2. Hi Richard, Can you please provide us with the best way to contact you and the type of card you have with ADP. ^DF

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