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Taking Unconscious Bias Out of Hiring: ADP Search and Visualization Tool Helps Recruiters Focus on the Right Candidate

Rita Mitjans, Chief Diversity & Corporate Social Responsibility Officer

The business case for workplace diversity is clear – we live in a world made up of people with different backgrounds and world views, and the companies that reflect this can best meet the needs of their equally diverse stakeholders.

Yet, less than half of organizations today say that their diversity and inclusion initiatives are successful.[i]

What’s stopping them? One of the most common challenges is not equipping recruiters, or managers, with the ability to be impartial when making hiring decisions – 20 percent of large enterprises do not have the tools to help ensure fair and unbiased resume reviews.[ii]

It’s human nature to make quick judgments about people and situations influenced by our cultural environment, preferences and experiences. This natural human tendency of “unconscious bias” can impact a company’s ability to match the best talent for a given role. At ADP, we’re helping organizations take action through Visual Search, a new search and visualization tool that helps to remove factors like gender, ethnicity and pay from the candidate search process, which allows recruiters to focus on the skills most relevant for an open position.

One of the most effective methods to ensure diverse hiring is to enable blind skill and resume reviews. Visual Search scans all resumes an organization has collected through ADP Recruiting Management, an all-in-one recruiting automation platform. Results are presented in a highly-visual word-cloud format that groups similar skills associated with the keywords and allows recruiters to narrow in on their most important criteria. Since recruiters spend on average just 8.8 minutes[iii] reviewing a resume before they decide whether the candidate is a relevant fit, they need digital search tools that can offer a comprehensive picture of the talent pool to drive meaningful hiring decisions efficiently.

Don Weinstein, Chief Strategy Officer at ADP, sees Visual Search as the next horizon in talent management: “In today’s highly-competitive environment, hiring top talent is key to surviving and thriving. It’s important to have a workforce made up of individuals with different backgrounds and ways of thinking to generate fresh ideas. Visual Search from ADP arms organizations with technology to hire the best employees available to them by removing unconscious bias from the vetting of potential candidates.”

The bottom line is that organizations who want to truly embrace diversity must help employees push past natural preconceptions as they work to fill open positions. Only then can companies ensure that the best talent is represented across all levels.

To learn more about Visual Search, click here.

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  1. Harder, better, faster, stronger recruitment from ADP - Enterprise Times - […] and help eliminate unconscious bias. The tool could significantly improve the life of recruiters. Rita Mitjans, Chief Diversity & Corporate…

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