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Under Pressure and Trying to Deliver: ADP SmartCompliance® Just Got Sleeker and Easier to Use for Helping Manage HCM Compliance

How often have you been under pressure to compile vital information for your human resources (HR) or finance leader so your company can comply with a myriad of Human Capital Management (HCM) laws? Maybe your company tries to fill the “HCM compliance gap” with people and manual, highly administrative processes. But this approach may lead to mistakes that create unnecessary cost and risk for your company, as well as frustration for your employees.

Instead of throwing people, cumbersome processes and valuable time at the problem, businesses need consistent, scalable processes and expertise to help handle today’s long list of HCM-related compliance tasks. They also need a smart, sleek, easy user experience.

That’s why ADP is further refining the user experience of ADP SmartCompliance® by more fully integrating its systems and providing users with better ways to organize their work, assign and track vital tasks, and collaborate with co-workers.

These enhancements are just one example of ADP’s continuing commitment to provide our clients engaging, consumer-grade experiences. Innovation is in our roots. It’s natural for us to routinely invest and refine our HCM solutions in a way that addresses how employees, managers and practitioners want to work with HR systems and HCM solutions.

ADP SmartCompliance is an integrated cloud-based solution of outsourced services that works with many leading payroll, HR and financial systems to help businesses manage compliance associated with key HCM laws. It provides consistent, scalable processes and expertise to help address HCM-related compliance tasks, such as employment tax, wage payments, health compliance, wage garnishments, tax credits, employment verification, and unemployment claims. It also helps businesses mitigate risk associated with noncompliance, improve efficiencies and drive growth.

Recent enhancements to ADP SmartCompliance help enable clients to:

1. Organize and prioritize work more quickly. Compliance activities now are organized by urgency. Items that are identified as “Urgent” are the most important, while items that are “To Do” have a lesser priority, but still belong on the user’s radar.

ADP SmartCompliance

This dashboard provides information without having to sort through cumbersome reports and reams of data. By clicking on the various tiles, users can access more detail for that area.

2. Assign tasks and activities more efficiently. New activities enter ADP SmartCompliance as unassigned. That gives users the ability to claim a task for themselves or assign it to a co-worker who may have more expertise or performs that function more regularly. ADP SmartCompliance also lets users re-assign tasks to another authorized user to accommodate business changes.

ADP SmartCompliance

Being able to focus on individual priorities is critical. From the home page, users can look in the drop-down menu to see tasks assigned to particular users.

3. Track history and context. Many businesses have working environments that are collaborative and require insights and notes for a particular activity, providing valuable history or context.

ADP SmartComplianceA tracker shows progress within an activity, so users can quickly see what’s been completed and what still needs to be addressed.

Other benefits of these enhancements to ADP SmartCompliance include the ability to:

  • approve particular activities or learn additional details before taking action.
  • access valuable reports that leverage real-time data to provide a current view of program activity.

To learn more about ADP SmartCompliance, check out this video.

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