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ADP Announces Acquisition of The Marcus Buckingham Company to Expand Talent Portfolio

At ADP, we are committed to helping organizations build better workforces, and we believe that data and research are a critical part of doing this successfully. That’s why we have acquired The Marcus Buckingham Company (TMBC), an innovator in human capital management (HCM), best known for its unique approach to using employee’s individual strengths to create more engaged and productive employees and teams.

We believe that having a data and research-driven approach to talent is now more important than ever. And companies are saying the same thing – according to a recent study commissioned by the ADP Research Institute, 76 percent of respondents cited that companies must do more to develop and retain talent.

TMBC will help us deliver on this need. TMBC’s cloud-based performance and talent management solution, StandOut, couples technology with coaching and education to increase employee engagement and drive better team performance. This solution is built on decades of research that has uncovered the factors that differentiate high-performing teams, which is one of the reasons why TMBC is highly regarded by its global client roster – a roster that spans a broad range of industries, from professional services to hospitality, and includes many companies in the Fortune 100. The company’s founder, Marcus Buckingham, will also join ADP, bringing his more than 30 years of experience and research in employee engagement and workplace dynamics.

The acquisition combines the strengths of both ADP and TMBC in talent management, and we look forward to continuing to offer innovative solutions rooted in data and research that build better workforces.

For more information about the acquisition, check out the full announcement.

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  1. Wow!Great investment for ADP in that everything that Marcus touches turns to gold!!!

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