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Key Approaches to Help Maximize Your Capture of Eligible Tax Credits

With a new year upon us, it’s beneficial to start off on the right foot by refining or developing a process to help identify and maximize the capture of tax credits for which your company may be eligible. For many companies, tax credit opportunities are often lost or overlooked due to lack of knowledge about the available programs, latest legislative updates, technology or strategy. Make it your resolution in 2017 to learn about key approaches, advanced technology and data analytics to help identify the myriad of tax credits related to hiring, training, investing in the economy and more.

In this free webinar, HR and Finance professionals and leaders will learn about the latest trends and best practices to help survey the field of tax credits, while retroactively identifying opportunities that otherwise may have been overlooked. Incorporating a strong foundation of technology and analytics will not only help companies pursue new eligible tax credit opportunities, it will also help optimize the value of each credit.

What You Will Learn

  1. How to adopt and utilize technology and analytics in order to identify and secure tax credits for which your business is eligible.
  2. How to retroactively capture tax credits that still may apply to your business while looking ahead to credits for which your business may qualify.
  3. The latest tax credits news and legislative updates and how they apply to certain businesses.

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