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TechTarget Features ADP Marketplace — “HCM marketplace spurs choice and eases integration of applications.”

TechTarget recently caught up with ADP client Tracy Hannuksela from Landau Associates and Don Weinstein, Chief Strategy Officer, ADP to highlight the value of ADP Marketplace, a cloud-based store featuring HR applications, for HR leaders.

ADP has seen a 500% increase in visits to its HCM marketplace this year and the number of customers who are integrating apps from ADP Marketplace has increased by more than 200% in the last year, according to Don Weinstein, chief strategy officer of ADP.

The ADP Marketplace has been about shifting the way the HR industry as a whole thinks about workforce management technology, Weinstein added. He said it was the first platform dedicated to HCM applications. “We have made discovering and buying HCM solutions as easy as going to the app store on your personal cellphone and pressing download,” he stated.

“It is a lot of work to look for vendors and vet the vendors,” Hannuksela said. “This is simple. It cuts so much time and effort out of it.”

To read the full story visit: HCM marketplace spurs choice and eases integration of applications.

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