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Expanded Benchmarking Capabilities Give Companies Even More Insights To Fine Tune Their Workforce Strategy and Operations

You need to make a competitive offer to a job candidate in New York City while figuring out why overtime rates are rising in the Chicago office. In the past, you’d have to rely on out-of-date survey data to help perform this analysis. Today, the benchmarking data you need to make better workforce decisions is right at your fingertips, thanks to ADP’s expanded

benchmarking innovation.

Benchmarking, powered by the ADP® DataCloud provides HR and business leaders with “decision-quality” insights from ADP Big Data. Organizations have the ability to compare their company’s data with current industry-based data on compensation, measures of workforce change, such as turnover and retention, as well as workforce demographics. Time and labor benchmarks, such as market-based absence and overtime rates, are also now available to clients on multiple ADP HCM platforms.

The new time benchmarks allow companies to compare their overtime and absence rates with industry peers to better understand their competitiveness — and align their workforce management with industry standards and best practices.

“Absence and overtime are two huge drivers of cost, so having insight into those two benchmarks really allows a company to maximize the bottom line,” said David Turetsky, vice president of product management at ADP. “Before, businesses wouldn’t be able to tell if a 10 percent absence rate for sales associates in Houston was in line with the industry. Now, they can see how their company stacks up to competitors so they can adjust policies to increase efficiency and productivity.”

Benchmarking draws upon aggregated, anonymized payroll and HR data from 30 million people employed by ADP clients, providing the context needed to help HR and business leaders understand their data and feel confident in the data quality to drive business decisions. Benchmark data can be filtered by industry, company size, and pay type and now goes even deeper into geography, allowing users to filter by regions, sub-regions, states, combined statistical areas and metropolitan areas.

ADP DataCloud Benchmarking

ADP’s annual compensation explorer benchmarking tool now allows users to view additional geographic layers such as the metropolitan region St. Louis, Mo.

“When it comes to salary, it’s important to have data that’s as local as possible,” added Turetsky. “The compensation for a role in upstate New York can vary greatly from the same role in the Manhattan metro area. This added depth of geographic data can really help compensation pros fine tune their strategy.”

Donell Anderson, Human Resource Senior Supervisor at Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., U.S.A., in Maryville MO, says benchmarking has made her team’s job a lot easier by taking some of the guesswork and emotion out of salary requests.

“Being armed with compensation data from so many people in the same role, function, industry and region helps managers see that the salary being offered for a specific job is on par with the industry,” said Anderson. “This has made compensation decisions so much easier by showing the real world value of a position as well as providing a time savings.”

Introduced in May 2015, the ADP DataCloud allows business leaders and HR professionals to generate actionable insights from the workforce data embedded in their ADP HCM solutions. ADP DataCloud can help boost business and workforce management goals, such as workforce productivity, talent development, retention and the identification of likely employee turnover. The benchmarking feature was added to the ADP DataCloud Big Data platform in October 2015.

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