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ADP Marketplace Partner – Deputy – Makes List of 20 Best Business Mobile Apps of 2016

The Register-Guard out of Eugene, Oregon recently put a list together of “20 Best Business Mobile Apps for 2016.” The list covers everything from human resources to data management to communication. Deputy, an ADP Marketplace partner that simplifies scheduling, timesheets, tasking and other employee communication, was included it that list!

Deputy and ADP recently announced a partnership to include real-time employee sync and payroll capabilities for ADP RUN and Workforce Now Clients, available exclusively on ADP Marketplace.

Deputy’s intuitive app supports AWESOME MOBILE FEATURES such as shift swapping, employee availability to manager, schedule swapping and mobile punch in/punch out with geofencing to gate ‘buddy punching.’

“Companies entrust many service providers to support various aspects of their HR and business operations, and through the ADP Marketplace we’re delivering them an intuitive platform to alleviate many management complexities,” said Don Weinstein, chief strategy officer, ADP. “With this new integration, Deputy’s customers can now sign into one single platform where they can access workforce data, integrate other HCM applications through secure cloud infrastructure and utilize developer resources to enhance their existing HCM services.”

ADP Marketplace: Manage your people better and business better from hire to retire. The time-saving, productivity boosting, joy-inspiring HR apps you never knew you needed – until now.

See The Register-Guard’s full list here:

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