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Small Biz is Everybody’s Biz

All too often, we take local shops in our communities for granted and only realize their value when one day we notice they’ve closed their doors. Were it not for the dedication, passion and commitment of today’s small business owners and their families, the warm feel of downtown areas would be lost forever.

Small businesses also create a significant number of job opportunities and boost the economy of their communities.

Did you know that small business owners alone added more than 680,000 jobs to the U.S. economy so far this year, according to data from the ADP Research Institute®? In addition, the most recent report from the Small Business Administration published in June 2015 showed that small businesses with up to 49 employees contributed the most to job growth in 2014 by generating 39 percent of net new jobs. This compares to 34 percent by firms with 50-499 employees and 27 percent by firms with 500 or more workers.

It takes long hours, tremendous commitment, and incredible tenacity to succeed as a small business owner. That’s why ADP is proud to again join founding partner American Express and organizations nationwide in encouraging consumers to support local communities by shopping at a small business on Small Business Saturday®, November 26.

We all can honor the commitment and dedication of small businesses by patronizing them every day. But Small Business Saturday is a gentle reminder to set aside some special time to support them.

This year is the seventh year in a row that shoppers can express their appreciation to the small businesses that keep the heart of downtown business districts beating. Last year, an estimated 95 million* people shopped at small businesses on Small Business Saturday.

Please join us as we honor the men, women and families who do so much to make small businesses, our communities, and the economy grow.

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