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ADP Wants to Meet Employers Where They Are With Its Private Exchange

Since launching a Private Exchange solution a year ago, ADP has continued to add clients and plot its future moves, explains Will Giaconia, ADP’s vice president of healthcare strategy. Employee Benefit Adviser spoke with Giaconia to find out how the marketplace continues to develop.

EBA: It has been a little over a year since launching the ADP exchange. How is it going?

Giaconia: It is going well. We have a different take on these than some of the … first movers and players in the space. What we were looking to do … was to bring that kind of a solution to our broader portfolio of benefits administration and related products and services, all within the human capital market environment that we play in.

From that perspective, it has been really successful. [It is] really helping our clients who are potentially interested in these things now or in the future to know that they have an option with us. … That was what we were looking to accomplish more than anything.

To learn more on how ADP is continuing to work with brokers on the Private Exchange and the future of the ADP Private Exchange, read ADP wants to meet employers where they are with its private exchange.

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