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ADP’s Engagement Meter: A New Interactive Tool to Drive Employee Work Happiness

by Reem Abeidoh, ADP Ventures

What matters most to employees like yours? What drives their job satisfaction? What do they need to be productive?

A new research tool, the ADP® Engagement Meter, gives you access to key data from over 5000 surveyed employees* and insights into factors driving employee happiness, and also lets you benchmark your organization against companies similar to yours.

Just plug your company size, industry, and employee age range into ADP’s Engagement Meter and discover a new path to employee work happiness that helps you to shape your Human Capital Management strategy with real marketplace research data.*

In addition, you’ll see how industry leading talent apps from ADP Marketplace can help you improve your HCM engagement.

ADP’s new engagement tool addresses seven key engagement factors:

  • Recognition – praise and financial incentives to reward a job well done
  • Growth – promotions, training and support to drive personal success within your organization
  • Compensation – competitive salaries and bonuses
  • Benefits – traditional medical/dental/vision with added-value perks/discounts
  • Flexibility – self-management of work/life balance and the ability to work virtually
  • Social Responsibility – corporate support for social/nonprofit causes and employee volunteering
  • Acquisition – attaining a positive onboarding experience and the right cultural fit

ADP’s Engagement Meter is a convenient, easy-to-use solution – and it is available now.

ADP Engagement Meter

Where are your employees on the Engagement Meter? Try our interactive tool today to help drive work happiness within your organization:

*2016 ADP Employee Engagement Study – ADP partnered with a third-party market research firm, MSI International, to conduct a nationally representative blind study (ADP was not named as the sponsor) of 5,000 full-time/part-time employees, 21 years of age or older, working in companies with at least five employees, during July 2016.

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