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Beyond Big Data – Sometimes You Need to Sweat the Small Stuff

While the HR industry’s all abuzz about Big Data and figuring out how to wrangle it to glean insights to better inform workforce decisions, HR leaders shouldn’t overlook the value of the smaller data that’s right in front of them.

Small data’s the separate, independent data sets that make up Big Data. It provides the why behind what the Big Data shows. It’s the individual jigsaw pieces that make up the larger puzzle. Think about the Word document containing an individual’s performance review or the Excel spreadsheet of competitive pricing analysis. Both of these work products contain invaluable data and takeaways that, when centrally aggregated and analyzed, can provide actionable business insights.

To read more about the value of small data and how to use it derive insights and plan strategies to tackle specific business challenges, check out this article by ADP’s David Turetsky, Vice President and Chief Product Owner, ADP DataCloud in

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