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Why Empowering End Users Is Good For Business

By Scott Groenendal, ADP Senior Director of Product Marketing

You might think that linking user experience to the success of your business is a leap. I beg to differ.

When employees are empowered with self-service HR tools and a customized user experience, they save time, are more engaged and become more productive.

Think about it. What do your employees care about?

They want the power to manage their careers, schedule time off, access their payroll information, and easily make benefits selections without depending on someone else to answer their HR questions. They want self-service tools that enable them to take action on their own.

This is especially true for employees of multinational corporations. How frustrating would it be to have to call an HR help desk or call center where you may experience time zone, language and other cultural barriers that make it even harder to get your HR questions answered?

Today’s global workforce doesn’t want to deal with an intermediary to get answers. They want interactive and visually appealing HR applications that are personalized based on the type of person they are, taking into account their geography, professional profiles, social media accounts, and so on.

According to a new report by Constellation Research analyst Holger Mueller, the next generation of global HR software will enable business agility by having capabilities that include:

1) True self-service. No more filling out forms to be processed later. Real self-service means direct answers, and reduced effort to interact with HR.

2) Better resolution speed. By getting answers quickly, employees are empowered to have more time for their “real” job.

3) More personalization. New systems will learn what matters to the employee and preserve context over time to anticipate their needs and minimize frustration.

4) Interactive paychecks. These will offer explanations of why a certain value is on a paycheck, make projections and answer what-if questions.

When companies invest in consumer-grade HR applications, their employees notice that their employer really values their empowerment and user experience and that their happiness really matters. This is a powerful catalyst for employee engagement that, in turn, triggers greater productivity. It also allows firms to differentiate themselves from the competition when it comes to attracting top talent.

To learn more about delivering a positive user experience, register for this free webcast hosted by leading industry analyst Holger Mueller.

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  1. This might be good for big companies, however with small companies (less then 100 employees) that focuses on guest service I would still prefer the face to face contact.

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