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ADP Awards Scholarships to Help Clients’ Employees Advance Their Careers

ADP recently awarded $125,000 in scholarships to 75 winners of its Aspire Scholarship Program, designed to help our clients’ employees continue their education and advance their careers. The 2016 scholarship recipients are among many employees of clients that outsource their HR functions with ADP.

Excerpt from an award recipient’s application essay:

“My intention is to further pursue my studies in the hopes that I will add a Bachelor’s degree to my achievements. It is…my opinion that the opportunities afforded to a recipient of a full education are advantageous in today’s competitive world,” wrote Joanne Sagastizado in her scholarship application. “I believe that the ability for me to complete another phase of my schooling will propel me toward additional accomplishments, which I look forward to.”

The Aspire scholarships help cover tuition and other educational costs at an accredited college, university, technical school or trade school. An independent organization selected the winners based on academic achievement, community involvement, a written essay and financial need.

“ADP is a strong advocate for encouraging people to be the best they can be and really contribute at work,” said Maria Black, president, ADP TotalSource®. “We expanded the Aspire Scholarship Program this year to help more of our client’s employees enhance their professional skills as they pursue their career goals,” Black added.

The Aspire Scholarship Program is just one of the many health, wealth, life and work benefits ADP TotalSource, ADP Resource and ADP Workforce Now Comprehensive Services clients can access to support the growth and development of their employees. With a focus on continuing education, the scholarship program seeks to improve career advancement and productivity by developing employees’ skills.

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