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Global Protection 24/7

At ADP, we have a place that not many people know about, and even fewer have been inside. It’s behind the scenes, with restricted access and it’s on the cutting edge. ADP’s Critical Incident Response Centers (CIRC) are one of our secret weapons in stemming the global impact of cybercrime to help protect our systems, client data and funds

What is the CIRC?

  • It’s a place where fraudulent efforts to gain access to ADP systems are exposed and proactive alerts help us to stay one step ahead. Monitors replace the wallpaper on our walls so we can watch the action as it happens.
  • It’s crucial to ADP’s security program, and supports ADP’s cyber defense operations, security monitoring and financial crimes investigations. It constantly monitors for security trends, threats and attacks from all over the globe. It even utilizes social media feeds to stay on top of the latest developments.
  • It’s staffed by highly skilled security practitioners with a laser beam focus on detection and prevention, and a passion for protecting the businesses and consumers we serve. They’re some of the hundreds of security professionals in ADP’s Global Security Organization (GSO) committed to helping to defend against cybercrime.

We’re Ready

There’s an old law enforcement saying that reminds me of how the CIRC helps to protect ADP and our clients: “Crime never sleeps.” There’s no downtime for criminals and they don’t work 9 to 5. They’re always awake and ready.

Due to the nature of ADP’s business and our industry leading position, having state-of-the-art 24/7 monitoring to help detect and prevent attacks is crucial. ADP’s CIRCs do just that―they’re up all day and night keeping watch. They don’t sleep either.

Recently, we’ve further strengthened our security program by opening a new CIRC in Augusta, Georgia. ADP’s Augusta CIRC is one of five located across the globe. Though they’re in different parts of the world, each CIRC can focus regionally and support each other. They work together to help battle cybercrime as one.

Why is the CIRC in Augusta?

  • There’s a large concentration of top notch security talent in the area to tap into.
  • ADP partners with government organizations to gain important incident response and cyber expertise, including the U.S. Army Cyber Command Center, located near Augusta.
  • Many leading players in the information security community are here, and they are our allies in the fight against cyber criminals.

The new Augusta CIRC demonstrates ADP’s continuing commitment to deliver innovative security, risk, and privacy programs and platforms that help in our efforts to protect our operations, clients and shareholder interests.

Protecting and serving with excellence is at the core of the GSO’s mission, and I see our CIRCs as the guardians always on watch helping us deliver on those commitments every day and night.

Ribbon cutting CIRC Augusta ADP

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