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250 Applicants. One Job. Recruiting Just Got Easier.

Every day recruiters spend hours sifting through hundreds of candidates to find the elusive “perfect fit” – that precious needle in the talent haystack. The job takes tons of time and draws on expertise ranging from compensation to compliance. Well, scouting for talent just got easier, faster, more secure and more accurate now that ADP and LinkedIn® have integrated their recruiting solutions.

We see how the rules of talent acquisition have changed for HR leaders. Organizations need more sophisticated and integrated tools to successfully attract the best and brightest. As one of the first companies to become a Preferred Partner of LinkedIn Talent Solutions, ADP has established a comprehensive integration between LinkedIn Talent Solutions and ADP® Recruiting Management. We think this new capability will enable our clients to take advantage of LinkedIn’s current and future offerings, and provide them the flexibility and efficiency they need to be successful today.

Specifically, ADP has integrated with LinkedIn’s new middleware platform, which enables the LinkedIn Referrals product and new features in LinkedIn’s flagship Recruiter product, such as the Past Applicants Spotlight. This first integrated solution offered by ADP and LinkedIn is available today.

With this new offer, we’re addressing every business’s vital need for recruiting speed and accuracy. This integration not only saves recruiters valuable time by importing a candidate’s profile information, it will allow recruiters to search by key words to identify candidates who may not necessarily be looking for a job, but appear to meet the requirements of an opening. It also can potentially help them comply with pre-employment and onboarding requirements by automatically and accurately importing a candidate’s profile information.

We’re proud to be a part of LinkedIn’s Preferred Partner Program. It will enable recruiters, hiring managers and talent professionals in our joint customers’ organizations to work as seamlessly as possible with LinkedIn’s products.

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