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Give Me Quick, Easy, Mobile and Definitely Use Video to Find Talent

As a small and midsized business owner the concept of resource-constrained is real, especially through the process to hire top talent. Once you’re immersed in a full-blown search for viable candidates, it can be daunting to discover you may be drowning in the candidate pool because you don’t have the proper tools and technology to keep you afloat.

You’re not alone.

According to a recent study by LinkedIn, 42 percent of small business leaders around the world rank recruiting highly-skilled talent among their top five priorities. Today, recruiting the best to help your company succeed is not only about finding the right people and matching them with a job that will make them feel happy and fulfilled. Now, business owners and job candidates want to use the best technology to go through the process quickly.

What constitutes “the best technology?”

For most of today’s hiring managers it’s the ability to:

  • Post jobs to multiple job boards at one time.
  • Track and screen all job candidates and interviewer feedback in one place online.
  • Search resumes of active job seekers.
  • Perform video interviews as part of the hiring process.

For candidates, it’s simple: Use technology to support all aspects of their relationship with your company. Our recent ADP Evolution of Work study validates this. It found that 90 percent of people believe technology will allow for deeper connections across distance and time.

One technology that’s rapidly become a mainstay of the recruiting and talent acquisition process is video interviewing. In fact, according to the Aberdeen Group, surveyed companies said they were 61 percent more likely to use video at some point in their talent acquisition process.

Organizations like yours are implementing video interviewing to reduce time-to-hire, to save money on the recruiting process, and to more easily connect with the top candidates early on. It inserts an added human element into the recruiting process by removing the barrier of distance. With video interviewing, travel costs and scheduling snafus with out-of-town candidates can be virtually removed from the equation.

But not all of you have the tools you need to do all of these things. Don’t worry. ADP TotalSource now offers technology called ADP Hiring for TotalSourceSM to help businesses like yours attract the top candidates. Your candidates want video interviewing? Check. Your HR managers want applicant-tracking tools? Check. You want to post to multiple job boards at once? Check.

Finding the perfect employee doesn’t have to be a daunting process. Technology and service are truly at their best when they streamline a process and allow people to connect with each other more easily. So, if you don’t have the technology you need, we can help.

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