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Ask An App – Engagedly

What’s hAPPening in innovation? Our “Ask an App” blog series introduces you to inventive apps that are changing how a variety of workforce management tasks are managed by employers and employees. These apps are offered by ADP partner companies, featured in ADP Marketplace.

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Tell us about your company and what solutions you are offering on ADP Marketplace.

Engagedly is a progressive Performance Management and Employee Engagement solution. With Engagedly, organizations can take a continuous feedback based approach to performance management. The platform helps employers with:

  • Easy to use customizable performance appraisals
  • 360 performance reviews
  • One on one feedback
  • Social praise
  • Objectives and key results/Cascading goals
  • Social Intranet for collaboration
  • Rewards and gamification
  • Learning management

What makes your customers love you?

Performance management has been a stressful, demotivating experience traditionally. Engagedly changes that. We enable employees to collaborate and recognize performance. The app allows managers to give continuous feedback with an easy to use performance appraisal model.

What about ADP Marketplace made you interested in joining?

ADP Marketplace is an innovative way to leverage the pervasive nature of the cloud. It securely stitches together disparate cloud-based enterprise applications in a cohesive way and offers end-users a single destination to access them. With a customer base of over 600,000 it allows Engagedly to have a wide reach and serve employers of all sizes.

What are the top 3 things you want your customers to know about your solution on ADP Marketplace?

Engagedly not only provides a progressive approach to performance management, it also offers organizations an collaboration platform, a learning system (LMS lite), an engagement survey module as well as a rewards and recognition platform to say “thank you” to your performers! We are all about insane customer service and all employees have an open line to our customer success team 24X7 to ensure a superior experience in using Engagedly.

ADP Marketplace helps you manage a workforce with business apps that integrate ADP data. Easily manage your entire suite of products through a secure central hub on ADP Marketplace. Visit the ADP Marketplace and watch our ADP Marketplace video to learn more about solutions for your workforce management. App Developers, learn how your app can become a partner with ADP.


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