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ADP Meeting of the Minds Reveals Priorities in Learning Management

ADP Meeting of the Minds 2016 keeps revealing new insights about business concerns and challenges.

More than 1,400 attendees attended the recent conference in the Washington, D.C. area to network with and learn from each other.  Nearly 200 educational sessions, delivered under the theme “Build Your Capital,” covered many of the topics and trends HR leaders grapple with on a daily basis.

In a session that Elaine Clement and I hosted called “Trends and Priorities in Learning Management,” attendees rated the top learning priorities in the context of a discussion about Bersin Maturity Models.  These models are designed to create an understanding of an organization’s level of maturity and the impact that moving up in maturity level can have on the business.  Businesses use them to benchmark their organization’s level of sophistication in given areas and to identify the best practices that are most critical to improving business outcomes.

elaine MOTM 1

ADP’s Susan Hanold, vice president of Strategic Advisory Services, describes the Bersin Learning Maturity Model to ADP Meeting of the Minds attendees.


Here is what HR practitioners said was top of mind for them and the organizations they represent:

  • Leadership Development – Businesses are looking for training that focuses on improving the leadership skills of their employees, such as management training, accountability, communication, customer service, behavioral Interviewing, women in leadership, and change management. Providing leadership training that aligns with business goals has been shown to improve an organizations business performance, directly impacting the bottom line.
  • Onboarding and Orientation – Engaging new employees with an effective onboarding strategy can help them feel comfortable, connected and prepared to hit the ground running in their new roles. A company’s ability to establish enduring employee relationships can have serious implications for its long-term success.  All too often after investing significant resources to recruit top talent, businesses fail to immediately engage and train those employees and, as a result, risk diminishing the employee’s ability to contribute to the organization. Creating an onboarding program that includes effective job-related training prepares employees for success in their new role.
  • Establishing Job-based Learning Paths – Providing clear training paths for employees based on their current position ensures that all employees have the skills they need to successfully meet their job goals and expectations.
  • Employee Development – This goes hand in hand with learning paths. Providing effective training that develops paths for professional career growth and personal development is a tangible indication to employees of how much they are valued by their organizations.  Employee development encourages employees to stay engaged and grow with the organization, and helps to retain valuable talent.
  • Integrated Learning Management – Consolidating various learning systems into one cohesive learning management solution can help employees accurately track their training progress.  Ideally, the solution should include programs for succession planning and career development, as well as access to learning opportunities on both desktop and mobile devices.

You can learn more about the ADP Meeting of the Minds 2016 conference and see video highlights from previous conferences on ADP’s website.

This article was contributed by Susan Hanold, ADP’s vice president of Strategic Advisory Services.

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