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Top Three Most Tedious HR Tasks (and How to Fix Them)

We frequently hear from HR professionals that they want to spend more time on what matters most – empowering their workforce. But take a look at your to-do list today – is it still cluttered with administrative tasks?

But it’s not what the tasks are that’s the problem – they’re critical to running your business. The problem is really how we tackle them. Here are the three tasks HR professionals tell us are the most tedious–and how integrating your HR solutions can help.

  1. “We have so many different places where we have to log in and enter information – it’s basically a full-time job.” On average, companies use more than 31 separate HR applications. Managing these separate systems is time consuming and inefficient. In fact, HR generalists spend a large portion of their day manually entering repetitive information into each system, especially when a new hire starts. By integrating your solutions, you can enter the information at one time in one place. For example, OrgChart Now, a new app available on the ADP Marketplace, integrates with other ADP applications so that data is automatically pulled into the right areas, meaning you don’t have to manually populate organizational charts when new hires start or promotions are granted.
  2. “Employees are wasting time on administrative tasks, too.” How often do employees make changes to their personal information? Pretty often. When your employees have to update this information manually into multiple different systems, it is easy to make a mistake, or forget to update one system –a time-waster for your employees, and a problem for you. By integrating the different applications that need this information, employees will only have to enter the information once, and you can trust it is accurately entered across all platforms. For example, many companies have multiple different databases that house various pieces of employee contact information, and there is oftentimes overlap. Integrating these data sources allows employees to enter their information into one place and all systems will be automatically populated (and consistent!).
  3. “We spend about a week on administrative tasks for new hires.” You’ve done all of this work to attract and hire a new employee, but, once they walk in the door, the paperwork is endless. ID photos, business cards and emergency contact forms are just a few of the many things you need completed. This not only eats up the HR team’s time, but also eats up the new hire’s time as they are trying to get acclimated. Integrating your solutions will allow such tasks to be completed automatically. For example, the new LogoMix app available on ADP Marketplace allows you to automatically populate business cards with a new hire’s or newly promoted employee’s information.

In order to create and maintain an efficient workforce, efficiency comes first. By combining your solutions, you can shift your attention away from monotonous administrative tasks and toward employee engagement and people management – and refocus your to-do list!

ADP Marketplace helps you manage a workforce with business apps that incorporate ADP data.

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