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ADP MOTM 2016: 1,400 Gather to Hear the Latest Buzz on HCM

The buzz around HCM was hummin’ this week at ADP Meeting of the Minds 2016, where attendees’ focus has intensified around further innovations on the user experience, as well as on best practices in recruitment management that more deeply integrate with social media, profiling, hiring analytics and onboarding tools.


As I said in my last post, the theme of this year’s event in the Washington, D.C., area was “Build Your Capital.”  More than 1,400 HR leaders from large enterprises gathered to see how they can improve the user experience for their employees, while refining the processes they use to acquire, develop and retain talent.  Conferees used the event to network with and learn from each other.


They also took advantage of the nearly 200 educational sessions that were conducted.  Among some popular topics of interest were benefits solutions, the innovative use of application programming interfaces (APIs), data analytics, and veteran hiring, just to mention a few.


We also built on the success of last year’s conference, when we made a commitment to our clients to enrich our benefits user experience, data analytics, and diagnostics and optimization solutions.  In fact, in our opening general session, we were fortunate to have three ADP clients talk about how those solutions are helping their businesses.


motm 1


ADP President and Chief Executive Officer Carlos Rodriguez welcomes more than 1,400 attendees to ADP Meeting of the Minds.


Our daylong Benefits Summit explored a number of topics, including:

  • how viewing employees as customers and focusing on the “moments that matter” in their lives can provide greater value to them and the employer;
  • driving better business outcomes with an integrated benefits strategy;
  • current and impending federal regulatory issues and wellness programs;
  • developing a benefits strategy in an evolving human capital management landscape.


Fifty-five clients representing 44 employers and 250,000 employees attended and contributed to the dialogue of this session.


motm 2


Gerry Leonard, president of ADP Benefits Services, talks to Benefits Summit conferees about providing services to employees at those “moments that matter” in their lives.


We also shared examples of the benefits of ADP APIs, which let companies enhance data-sharing capabilities across their enterprise applications with a single set of workforce data.  Collaborating with system developers is commonplace for us.  Through the ADP Marketplace, clients, partner companies and applications developers can gain access to our APIs through a secure cloud platform.


motm 3

Steve Roth, ADP product manager, demonstrates a new capability of ADP Marketplace that enables users to build an app in as few as five minutes.


Data analytics still was a hot topic with attendees, as you might expect.  Businesses are interested in learning how capabilities like predictive modeling, data exchange and benchmarking can help them be a more strategic contributor to business decisions.  Predictive modeling can help reveal the risk of an employee leaving the company.  Data exchange gives businesses the ability to use API’s through the ADP Marketplace to add their non-HCM data, like sales revenue and customer service scores, and marry them with data from sources, such as time management.


motm 4


Vikas Saini, ADP product manager, discusses the benefits of HR data analytics.  


We also added a new track this year on veteran hiring, which focuses on helping hiring managers recognize and translate the skills servicemen and women bring to the civilian workplace.  Our clients tell us that hiring veterans presents them with some unique challenges.  Earlier in the week, we discussed ways to:

  • appeal to the veteran population and attract them to a company;
  • effectively use social media to locate and attract veterans;
  • build a solid veteran recruitment and retention strategy, and
  • challenge and develop veteran hires once they’re on board.


To gear up for that session we hosted an ADP Foundation-sponsored volunteer service project supporting Operation Gratitude, a non-profit organization providing care packages to servicemen and women deployed around the world.  More than 500 volunteers assembled 3,000 hygiene kits and 500 “Battalion Buddies” teddy bears that will be combined with other items and shipped to the deployed troops.  Attendees also signed thank-you notes for the troops that will be included in the Operation Gratitude care packages.

motm 5

Thank-you notes was just one of the items included in ADP’s Operation Gratitude packages.  


You can check out more information about the ADP Meeting of the Minds 2016 conference and video highlights from previous conferences on ADP’s website.


And don’t forget to circle back next week when I’ll be sharing more highlights and some key takeaways from the conference.


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